I found out this morning that Tasha suffered a stroke yesterday and had to be put to sleep. She had always been prone to seizures, so I guess it finally caught up with her. Even though I haven't seen her in over three years, I still miss her terribly. She was the best dog I've ever known.

Rest in peace, girl. You made me laugh and love. I'll never forget you.

12/30/1998 - 11/19/2011
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Your Daily Suck Schedule

6:30 am - Wake up, take shower
7:00 am - Eat breakfast, browse web
7:45 am - Realize that the right rear tire of your car is flat
8:00 am - Realize that you aren't getting the lugnuts off said tire without enduring one, possibly multiple, hernias
8:15 am - Drive to tire shop, call work so someone can cover your first class
8:30 am - Get in line at tire shop with all the other saps who had tire trouble over the long weekend
9:00 am - Call work to say you're still in line
9:30 am - Call work to say you're still in line
10:00 am - Get tire repaired, rejoice at the fact they didn't charge you because the tire happened to be one you bought from them and was under warranty.
10:15 am - Go to work
10:30 am - Teach and teach some more
4:30 pm - Eat dinner after school
5:30 pm - Return home, write LJ entry
6:30 pm - Go back to school for Open House
7:00 pm - Talk to parents and talk to parents some more
8:30 pm - Return home
9:00 pm - Zonk

So yeah, busy day today with unexpected business. Classes are going well. I have six this year, the most I've had since I started at this particular school. One of them is already pegged as The Loud, Obnoxious Class, for which I am countering with Loud, Obnoxious Marine Whistle. Working nicely so far. :)

The Week (and summer) In Review

Been a week since I posted. Here's what happened, as far as I can remember...

Last Thursday, DNA came down (or up, depending on your preference) and we hung out for the weekend. Saw Iron Man, which I hadn't seen, and Hellboy II, which he hadn't seen, and otherwise watched TV. My Freakazoid DVDs arrived while he was here, so we took those in, and we watched some of the Olympics, mainly swimming and volleyball. Finally got a lot of use out of the HDTV, which made everything worth watching, somehow. Looking forward to seeing some NFL games on it this fall!

Went up to school on Tuesday to see how things were. Got the room ready on Wednesday and did some moving around and planning. Tomorrow is the day the 6th graders come for orientation, so I'll be there during the afternoon. Thus, today is my last real day of vacation. I spent it getting a haircut, then watching the original Hellboy. I have to say that the sequel's actually better. It has much more of Del Toro's style evident in it.

As it's the last day of summer vacation, it's customary to look back at the past couple of months. This was a strange summer for me in that I spent most of it adjusting to being alone again. Hard to believe that it's been two months nearly since I had Max. I noticed on Petfinder last week that he no longer shows up, so hopefully he's been adopted out to his forever home, as they say. I have nearly gotten rid of the hives, hopefully, as the outbreaks are very very minor now and far between. We'll see when the stress levels go up again after school starts.

WoW-wise, our guild got down Azgalor, the fourth boss in Mt. Hyjal, last night, leaving us with just one boss to conquer there. We tried good ol' Archimonde for fun since we had a few minutes left before time to call the raid, and he laid waste to us quite handily. Still, a fun night. :)

Weird Al Concert

Just got back from a fun evening. FuzzyFox, his friend Joel, and I went to a Korean restaurant near Fuzzy's for dinner. It was the first time I'd ever been to a Korean restaurant, so I played it fairly safe and ordered the chicken teriyaki, which was quite yummy. This was apparently a pretty hard-core Korean place, as there was no silverware other than a spoon for the soup, and the three of us made up the majority of the non-Asian clientele. Fortunately, I can use chopsticks well enough to not have to starve to death. None of us really knew much about all the extra bowls of various things they brought out along with the meals, so we just kind of tried them all. They ranged from pretty good (big, flat noodles) to fairly strange (what looked like green beans with small fish carcasses intermixed), but overall it was good. Nobody laughed at us (that we could tell), so we must not have made complete fools of ourselves. It was a lot like going to a foreign country and being self-conscious about not knowing the customs, though. I'll have to read up on Korean cuisine.

The concert itself was awesome. We had pretty good seats at the front of the second section toward the left middle of the stage, so we could see and hear everything well. Weird Al's still got it, and he's still pretty limber for a guy pushing 50! He played a lot of stuff off the latest album - White & Nerdy, of course, and I'll Sue Ya, Weasel Stomping Day, Polkarama, and Canadian Idiot, as well as some chunks of a few more in the medley he always does. Other than that, it was mostly his best parodies, like Fat, Smells Like Nirvana, Yoda, and The Saga Begins. He didn't really do a whole lot from the older albums - Fat, Yoda, and a bit of Eat It in the medley was it. Maybe that's to cater to younger fans, but from what I could see the adults FAR outnumbered the kids there. Still, it was a great show - an amazing amount of costume changes, the always-hilarious interviews between sets, and he actually did the whole Albuquerque song as an encore. :)

After the concert, I went to FuzzyFox's for a while, and he showed me some Wii games. I'd never played one before, and I must admit, it was a lot of fun. We played bowling, tennis, darts, golf, and some of the Wario-Ware-type mini-games. I can see why it's so popular, though I still don't really see myself buying another console for the foreseeable future.

Dentist appointment tomorrow. Ugh.

I Can Laugh About It Now

I was just re-reading some of my journal entries from 2003, and I was griping about $1.69/gallon gas. Ha ha. Maybe there's a Moore's law where the price of gas doubles every five years?

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WoW geekery:

Our guild downed Naj'entus on our second attempt last night, first boss kill in Black Temple! The Halberd of Destruction dropped, and I was lucky enough to win the bid. We cleared up to Supremus and did a couple of attempts on him as well, got him down to 40%-ish. It was the most fun I'd had playing WoW in a while. Making headway in a new instance is always fun.

The Mind Races...Or Idles

So, I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom today so that the headboard is underneath the large window in the room, and the bed itself is oriented so that its long sides are parallel to the longest walls. This makes one big space out of what was two smaller ones, and it gets my head away from the south wall, which I finally identified as the source of the annoying pulsing hum I'd hear at night.

I've always been sensitive to low-frequency noises. When someone drives by with their system turned all the way up and the bass thumping, it drives me absolutely nuts. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I can't concentrate on anything else until it's gone. At night, if someone's playing their stereo or TV loud enough that the bass frequencies are audible at all, I can't sleep. I don't remember always being this way, or maybe it was because it was never a problem before, but I spent a few sleepless nights in the old apartment for low-frequency noise of one type or another.

I thought that had disappeared in the new place with quiet neighbors and no one above me to supply thuddy footsteps, but about a month ago I began noticing a very deep, pulsing hum in my bedroom at night. It's not anyone playing music, as it's far too slow, regular, and long-lasting. It sounds like some type of machinery resonance, maybe the A/C of the apartment below me or something. It's not quite annoying enough to keep me up at night, but it's annoying enough to where my mind latches onto it for a while before I fall asleep.

Anyway, I found that the hum diminished when I got toward the center of my bedroom and was loudest toward the south wall, so I rearranged my bed a couple of days ago and found it much easier to get to sleep. Today I made it official with the headboard and some other furniture rearrangement.

Why am I explaining all this? Just to show what my mind is doing to fill the void of all the things it used to have to concern itself with. I may actually be bored enough to look forward to school starting again, as much as I hate to say it. DNA, you gotta come rescue me next weekend!

Movie Project Update

I've still been watching movies during most of my free time during the summer. I think the time doing nothing has been helpful, both mentally and physically - I haven't had a hives outbreak in a couple of weeks now, so here's hoping that continues into the beginning of the school year.

I've almost rounded out the top 20 with movie viewings. I still need to see Seven Samurai and Once Upon A Time In The West. I bought the latter last week, but the former is hard to find. I may have to get a copy from Amazon for $30-40.

When I go to buy these movies at Best Buy, Borders, or wherever, I'm still a sucker for picking up several others in the bargain bins for $5. I've been going for '70s sci/fi horror of late, it seems. I got and watched Tales From The Crypt and Vault of Horror (both Amicus studio titles) earlier in the week, and I watched The Andromeda Strain last night. One thing that struck me about Andromeda was the scene with the monkey succumbing to the Andromeda organism. Looking on IMDB, they apparently filmed it by introducing the monkey to a room full of carbon dioxide, so it basically suffocated. They immediately revived it with an oxygen mask after filming, but man, that would so get a studio in trouble these days.

Today, I picked up City of God (saw once a long time ago) and a few cheap titles: From Dusk 'Til Dawn (haven't seen), Good Will Hunting (haven't seen), Sixth Sense (saw several times), and Zodiac, a David Fincher film about the Zodiac killer from a few decades ago. That series of crimes always intrigued me, especially since they never caught the guy, and I like Fincher's films, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Now to watching!

Dark Knight

Holy crap. Go see it. Heath Ledger is a perfect Joker, and you realize what a loss his death was after seeing this movie. The man could act.

This is what the first Batman movie should have been.